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New Point Electronic Solutions PTY Ltd is a leading Information Technology (IT) company in Namibia that provides end-to-end business solutions that leverage technology. New Point has intimate understanding of the Namibian market and provides solutions and services to some leading institutions.

Cloud Services

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    Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM) provides users with information they want, allows them to take action in context of meaningful business data and understand the predicted impact of those actions.

    New Point E Solutions Oracle Fusion HCM

    New Point E Solutions Oracle Fusion HCM

    Oracle Fusion HCM provides simple, intelligent navigation and allows simple completion of complex workforce processes that are easily configured to manage everything from multi-thousand-person global organizations to small businesses.(Oracle Fusion Application Human Capital Management Data Sheet)


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    Oracle Fusion FSO

    Oracle Fusion Marketing Kit

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    Capacity building is a strength pillar for NEW POINT; our objective is not only to provide a solution but to engage users to take control of their own solution and data. With training during the implementation and post go-live stages of a project. Change management of course should be embraced by both the enterprise drivers and enables to build a successful solution.

    New Point E Solutions Oracle Fusion Financials

    New Point E Solutions Oracle Fusion Financials

    With the Oracle Cloud offering by New Point, the enterprise can configure their solution to provide the required financial information and further make use of the reporting functionality for purposed information reporting.

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    “broadest cloud-based talent management platform.”

    New Point E Solutions Oracle Taleo

    New Point E Solutions Oracle Taleo

    Oracle Taleo Performance Management, is an easy-to-use online Performance Management service designed for the web. Delivering a superior user experience with unparalleled usability, configuration, and decision support capabilities, Taleo Business Edition Perform makes talent management an integral part of daily business life.