Business Process Management

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Business Process Management

Oracle Fusion | Oracle SOA NewPoint's BPM consulting service offerings uses a Suitability Assessment & Planning framework to define the approach and potential benefits that can be achieved from BPM.
The assessment delivers a project plan to iteratively manage the BPM implementation lifecycle.
This early planning allows identifying risks and associated mitigation plans to ensure successful BPM project.

With our BPM services, you can quickly automate business processes and increase productivity using proven workflow management tools and integration software packages. With extensive experience across industries, we can create a flexible process platform tailored to your business needs.
         |     Mr. Mathews Amadhila   |   Technical Consultant

We engage with client organizations to understand their level of BPM maturity and assist them in their business transformation exercise by customizing our offerings to suit their requirements.

BPM Test Drive

NewPoint's BPM Test Drive offering is built on our Understand-Evaluate-Demonstrate (UED) framework for BPM Needs Assessment, Business Case & ROI calculation.
The deliverables from this remarkable BPM engagement lay a foundation for organizations to create a BPM roadmap that mitigates most points of failure for BPM projects.

  • Educating business and IT teams on BPM value, concepts, tools and methods
  • Choosing the right business challenges for applying BPM
  • Selecting the right BPM technologies
  • Adopting the right project model & methodology

The tools and methodologies offered during this engagement provide a lasting value to clients while undertaking every new BPM initiative.

Business Process Analysis & Design

NewPoint has helped its clients to establish the right foundation for BPM program by ensuring round trip improvement of business processes through effective Business Process Analysis and Design (BPAD) than merely subjecting them to automation by a BPM technology.

  • NewPoint's Business Process Analysis and Design (BPAD) framework enables defining, automating and executing human, content, process and integration centric processes
  • NewPoint's BPAD consulting and other offerings allow organizations to undertake various process analyses and design projects by providing a rigorous, structured framework for achieving early and high-impact business value

Architecture Assessment

Most CIOs agree that strong architecture skills and experience in tools is the key factor for successful BPM implementations.NewPoint's architecture assessment services play a critical role in the successful BPM implementations for clients

  • NewPoint has defined application and system architectures for a wide range of clients. Our architecture assessment services provide clients with an actionable plan to turn around new BPM platform initiatives and addresses ongoing initiatives to bring the initiative back on track.
  • NewPoint’s architecture assessment services offerings, combined with our unique software Platforming approach and our unmatched expertise in diverse BPM platform and tools, ensure that our clients start their BPM projects with the right architecture to meet their business agility goals and define a robust platform to support their BPM implementations.

The architecture assessment provides a summary of the findings, prioritizing areas of risk with remediation actions to bring the initiative back on track to help clients ensure application stability and performance.

BPM Implementation

Business Process Management implementation is rapidly rising among organizations to realize cost savings and high return on investments.
However, enterprises begin their BPM efforts without a clear understanding of the wide range of issues that must be addressed in order for process improvements to be successfully implemented and sustained over time.

  • NewPoint understands that BPM is becoming an increasing option for the strategic and operational part of business as it controls process life cycles with support for process modelling, execution, monitoring and optimization.
  • NewPoint’s iterative BPM implementation methodology is focused on developing stakeholder consensus in identifying key business outcomes and developing solutions to deliver to those outcomes.
  • During implementation, our team actively engages with key stakeholders to prioritize business challenges & requirements, collect data for developing use cases and process flows, and create high level solution design.

Our implementation uses an iterative methodology to develop prototypes and validate requirements and adopts a seamless process across the implementation lifecycle.
NewPoint has a well-defined approach and methodology for implementing BPM tools that align business processes, metrics and Key Performance Indicators to achieve and standardize the business goals.

Production Support

Our comprehensive set of application and production support services, makes us the partner of choice for your BPM support needs. Our application and production support services are tailored to maximize the leverage of your BPM solutions.

Our production support services address organizational expectations from the IT infrastructure support group in various support areas, including:

  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Application and customer support
  • Deployment and analysis of applications and patches
  • Minor application enhancements required to support immediate operational needs
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